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Toolsverse ETL Framework

ETL Framework is a standalone Extract Transform Load engine written in Java. It includes executables for all major platforms and can be easily integrated into other applications.

New in 3.2 (01/18/2013)

  • Improved auto-update functionality
  • Bug fixes

Key Features

  • embeddable, open source and free
  • fast and scalable
  • uses target database features to do transformations and loads
  • manual and automatic data mapping
  • data streaming
  • bulk data loads
  • data quality features using SQL, JavaScript and regex
  • data transformations

We created ETL Framework with these goals in mind:

  • Performance. High speeds are achieved by utilizing power of the specific target database (e.g. temporary tables, bulk load, cursors); multithreading is supported at all levels: from extract and load to executing multiple ETL scenarios.
  • Data streaming. When streaming is enabled, it is possible to move practically unlimited sets of data from the source to destination even in the memory constrained environment.
  • Easy to program. High-level XML-based programming language is included in the ETL framework; it is possible to embed code in the native SQL dialects (such as PL/SQL) and JavaScript.
  • Feature-rich. All expected features are included—from column level mapping to support for a wide range of data formats. Data qualiy features and validation using JavaScript, SQL and regex as well as transformations such as de-duplication, de-normalization, pivot, set operations, filtering, ordering, and validation are built in. Most popular databases are natively supported.
  • Embeddable and expandable. All core components—drivers, connectors, transformations, functions, code generators etc.—are dynamically loaded plug-in modules. It is easy to add new or modify existing functionality. ETL Framework can also be easily integrated into your application by embedding the ETL engine or running it in the client-server mode.


  • Java 1.6 and up
  • At least 4 MB of RAM

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